How to make my boyriend fall more in love with me?

Me and my boyfriend are great, we have known my boyfriend for nearly 5 years and have been together now for 2 months and I can honestly say I think I love him. Hes quite protective and always compliments me, although I know that im not that pretty, I think is previous girlfriends where proberbly really pretty although I never saw them, I think before he was going out with me he was seeing someone then finished with them for me! I always have feelings that he is gonna leave me for someone better although he says loves me a lot !!! You could say im quite insecure because a lot of other girls like him and im scared of loosing him; How can I make him fall more in love with me ???

Answer #1

You just got to keep telling him you love him. and find something that can make you unique from other girls. like are you adventures? If you are than you guys can go hiking together to weriod places and have laughs about it. Our just do something weriod to show your fun. Make memmories together and just show him how your the girl for him. hope this helps!!! :)

Answer #2

if your boyfriend says your pretty then you probley are in his eyes!!! I dont think I am that pretty or beautiful but my new hubby always says I am. its whats in there eyes and heart that counts. just make sure yougive him his space and freedom, and that should help him fall in love with you more thats what I did!!!

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