How to make him feel special..when im broke??

Okay im on a tight budget with my loan and ma car broke down so0o ma car is like $2200 to fix… And I have borrowed money and payin off ma loan and ma car..

And my situation is…

Valentines day 14th feb Our anno 24th feb His b’day 6th march And im broke!!!

What do I do??? Help all this is just around the corner

Answer #1

I REALLY LIKE what jmz10 said, because I did the same thing once I became an adult. Buying things for someone is nice but it shouldnt be necessary. If you love each other you love each other, a gift shouldn’t make or break that, unless that is what your love is based off of.

Answer #2

Money isn’t always the answer, you’ve just got to show your appreciation and love towards him, I’m sure he’ll understand that your broke… (hopefully?)

Answer #3

Some of my most favorite gifts for Valentine:

Cost very little:
Romantic Dinner, Rose Pedals leading to a Candle Lit room, Getting a message with oil, Loving Hugs and Kisses, and just being together with your woman.

Answer #4


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