Easy ways for a 13 year old to make money

Im 13, and im in desperatue needs for some money! I do chores around the house and earn money for that, but its just not enough, I dont feel comfertable constantly asking my parents for money! Do you have any ideas??

Answer #1

sell lemonade 25ยข :D

Answer #2

If you like music you can busk on a unlicenced area where on average you make $100-150 per hour.

Answer #3

well there are not many jobs availiable until you turn a legal age. once you turn 14 you are able to get real jobs. Like im fourteen and I worked at a hairsalon sweeping he floor and made good money. But the hours were not working out. there is also job openings at coldstaone an ice cream place. So for now just do things like help your mom around the house or babysit. Do little things for neighbors and they will give you profit. Just wait until your 14 to worry about a real job!

Answer #4

Sure, help out your neighbors. Ya, its kinda like doing chores, but it can be fun. you could also babysit, run a childish lemonade stand, or walk some peoples dogs. Whatever works for you, do it!!

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