How to make a family tree

I have no idea why at the age of 22 I’m being asked to draw one, I personally think it is ridiculous, however, I have looked it up on google and I still cant figure out where to put my cousins or my parents siblings, a little help?

Answer #1

lol, yes, you can see why I find this supremely ridiculous… and all the trees I found were like the one your son did, but I assume that it’s not going to be enough for a masters (yes a masters) level course… I dont have diagramming software and this has to be done on the computer, any one know how to do this in word, excel, paint, or powerpoint?

Answer #2

Hmm…the family tree my son just did for class (umm…he’s in 2nd grade) included his parents, all four grand parents, and all eight great grand parents…there wasn’t any mention of the parents siblings, etc.

If you have Visio (or similar) you can do a format that includes lines on the same horizontal for uncles / aunts, etc, and then on the vertical, include the generation (yours, parents, grand, great, etc)…

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