How to lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks?

im a 16 year old kid who is over weigh 182Lb and I want to lose it fast before schools stars I want to look in great shape so I could feel comfortable in class and not been worried of been the school laughing stock

Im in the 11grade

Answer #1

PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS! I hate to say this, but there is no answer to losing that much weight in that little time. I understand how you feel, though. I was somewhat overweight, but I lost 10 pounds in two months. It has to be earned, though, in a healthy lifestyle, and you have to work hard. Watch your calorie intake, for instance. Find an online calorie calculator to find out how many calories you can have a day, then stick with it-you may want to check with a doctor to see if it’s healthy. split up the calories for certain parts of the day, making it even-for me, I had 300 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 500 for dinner. It was pretty hard, I can tell you that much. Next, this one is very, VERY hard to accept for many people, but here it is, out in front, plain as the truth it is. Don’t drink soft drinks. Not even diet. they have wierd chemicals that actually harm your body. Not to mention how many calories the non-diet has! Whenever you get the urge to snack, just snack on fruit-it helps, believe me! Oh and put pictures of skinny people(not to skinny) on the fridge or anywhere there’s food to remind yourself that you don’t want to eat that food. EXERCIZE! very important! It’s hard to do so, but it definitely makes you feel good in the end. After a good run, or game or anything you do, (hiking, biking swimming, sports, jumprope shooting hoops) treat yourself to a little fruit. It will put a smile on your face! Oh and DO NOT TRY DIET PILLS! they don’t work. companys make them to make money, not to help you. It fools you into thinking you are losing weight. Don’t take an empty pill, just feel the joy of working it off and feeling good about yourself! I believe in you, and I hope you take this message to heart! <3emmy-chan

Answer #2

You should so do the Beyonce diet! I’m doing it now and I’m losing 2 pounds everyday. What you do is don’t eat any solid foods. You make this lemonade drink by using 10oz of water, 2 Table spoons of lemon juice or half a lemon(you have to use fresh lemons for the lemon juice, no frozen lemon juice or the bottled stuff), 2 Table spoons of pure maple syrup, and 1/10 teaspoon of cayanne pepper or to taste. The article I read said to put it in a container and shake it.

When I first started it I would use a water bottle that I had already drunk the water from and then measure everything and pour it in there and put the top on and shake. Now I just use a cup and stir everything together with a spoon. I don’t really like the cayanne pepper b/c it burns my throat so I don’t really use it and when I do I only use a pinch. And youre supposed to make 6-12 of these drinks a day but I really only do it a maximum of 4 times a day because I just don’t think about it. Its easy for me to not eat for some reason.

You may want to quit but I’m telling you you will be so excited if you just stick to it. Ignore everyone around you whose eating junk food. and weigh yourself everyday at the end of the day to keep up with how much your losing that will be your motivation to stick to the plan. And if you find yourself dying for food I guess you should just only eat the serving size of whatever you decide to eat and then BURN THOSE CALORIES OFF. I like running on the treadmil it’s an easy way to know when you’ve burned enough. And I’ve been working out too even though you don’t have to work out during this diet because the weights gonna fall off regardless. I just work out to make sure it doesn’t all come back when I finish the diet. Oh!! when you finish if you go back to eating what you used to eat then all of your weight is going to come back and maybe some more. I think the issue is people get so excited that they are done and then eat to much. Try to make more healthy food choices when you finish. and try to work out at least 3 time a week for 30 minutes.

Answer #3

U could try the mastewr cleanse Cayenne pepper Lemon juice and Grade b mable syrup you can lose 2 pounds a day up to 20 Pounds in 10 days

Answer #4

I would just watch what I eat and exercise a lot and youll be better in no time..=]

Answer #5

dude just run and after you run drink water or gatorade but I wouldnt drink a bunch of water other than than because if your not used to it it will get you stoumach aches and bloat you drink like juices and stuff thats what I do I’ve weighed 150 lbs since 10th grade im now a sophmore in college( and a guy ). also if you try and eat every hour doesnt really matter what you eat or how much just something youll speed your metabolism up my firend lost like 50lbs doing that in a little over a month.

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Answer #7

don’t eat anything 4 2 weeks and exercise a lot. thats how u’ll do it!! lol

Answer #8

In May 2006 I was 190lbs at 16yrs old, In June 2007 I was 130lbs at 17yrs old, and now in November 2008 I am 135, I ate right, ran 1-2 miles 5 days a week, each day day I would step on a scale, and it would always be lower :)

Answer #9

When I was 16, as a junior in HS I was really Over Weight at 185+lbs, but as soon as school began I walked/ran 1-2 miles daily and was very active, sometimes I would watch what I would eat, at the end of the school I was at 130lbs in June 2007, I feel much better, last time I stepped on a scale was November 2008 and weighed 135, I’m much more bulkier now.

Answer #10

I CAN LOSE THREE TO NINE LBS IN 3 DAYS!!! HERES HOW: Day 1: eat only protein shake mixed with water. eat 1 cup serving every 2 hours. Eat a salad for dinner. Day 2: eat only 1 piece of fruit every 2 hours. eat a salad for dinner. Day 3: repeat day 2. Day 4: You say to yourself,”HEY! Where did my 3-9lbs go???”

Answer #11

In May 2006 I was 190lbs at 16yrs old, In June 2007 I was 130lbs at 17yrs old, and now in November 2008 I am 135, I ate right, ran 1-2 miles 5 days a week, each day day I would step on a scale, and it would always be lower :)

Answer #12

hey look im going through the same problem but kid you cant expect to lose such a drastic change to happen in 2 weeks that weight loss change in a healthy way could only happen in at least 2 months dont rush it because it might make it more difficult and ull end up hurting urself. so take it slow change some of your bad habits like watchin lots of tv and sleepin too much. wake up early to have a good breakfast to kickstart your metabolism then every three ours have a small meal. your last meal should be at 8’o clock. also do at least an hour of exercise a day and weigh yourself at the end of every week. trust me when you do all of this and you truly commit and follow all of this you will surely see the changes. you just have to change your sedentary life and you sure will lose the weight but dont expect to lose it all, because there is no such thing as the quick fix.

Answer #13

you can’t ..just walk an watch what you eat.

Answer #14

I am a junior in High school and I have just lost 25 punds so I now weight 144. Listen it is simple when you are trying to lose it focus on what I am about to tell you.

  1. I had my mom just buy me hip hop abs. Sean T is really enthusiastic. I’m a good dancer but I couldnt move well when I first started. So I did his video for 20 min a day starting off. Next week 30 min.And so on and so forth. 2.Water plays a major role. I love drinking gatorade and pepsi. But if you really want to lose the weight you have to discipline yourself to do it. So instead of a soda drink a bottle of water. 3.I know you probably love fast food. I eat a lot of fast food and I still lost 25 pounds. Your probably wonderin how??Well I usually get a big mac. Now I get the ceasar salads. They are just as good. And its still fast food, but better for you. Try eating what you love but smaller portions.
  2. Dont do situps, crunches, or pushups. Trust me doing 100 a day is no way to lose weight. 5.Keep a log or journal on the days of the week, what you eat a week, and your caloric intake. It helps when you know how much you intake in calories. You know that you need to work extra hard to get that much off and some.
  3. DONT SAY YOU CANT DO IT. DONT GIVE UP. ENCOURAGE YOURSELF.You’ll feel better inside if you do it the right way. 7.I hope this helps. for more info email me at.
Answer #15

well iam 13 and just started my diet iam 170 pounds when I started and 5 days on iam 163 don’t STARVE YOUR SELF I eat a bowl of friut with a friut smoothie no sugar for breakfast then I eat a tuna slaad at round 2 for lunch then at night I eat a bowl or two of vegtable soup hpmemade just boil the veg then add tin tomato and some chilli if you like spice or soysauce and if you get hungry eat a cracker or 2 only 33 calories each and treat your self each todays maybe a slice of cheeese or a cup of orange juice IT WORKS BELIVE ME I KNOW HOW you FEEL I also run up and down the stairs 6 times once up and once down = 1 of the 6. of course inbettween I stop drink plenty of water (noo calories) and I do at least 200 to 450 sit upss a day I’ve done 250 so far I do them at night as when I go bed I feel more relived and also don’t quittt!!! if I can do it you can too this is like my 20th diet I’ve done starvation don’t work,crash diets dont work,apple diet don’t work,syrup diet don’t work,cabbage soup diet don’t work soo on soo on

Answer #16

well all you have to do is eat less drink lost of water and eat small portions of food. oh and the most important things 1.Exercise and 2.Dont give up

Answer #17

Healthy eating and exercise will help you lose weight, but no way will you lose 25lb in 2 weeks.

Drink plenty of water, healthy food, combined with exercise and aim to lose 2lb a week and that way it will stay off.

Cut out junk food, sugary drinks, sweets etc.

Easy at home exercises are walking up and down stairs, skipping and dancing.

Join in some sports at school and that will be even better.

Good advice above me.

Don’t panic you will lose it, just at a slower more healthier rate.

Answer #18

I am 11 and weigh over 160 I know how you feel you feel. im going yo start the master cleanz diet and take nature colon detox. im als going 2 try a diet I tried not eating for a day and I lost 3 lbs :) so try this and see if it helps have water and 1/2 an apple 4 a week nothing else. they next week have water 4 b-fast and dinner and 2 hand fulls of lettuce 4 lunch

Answer #19

I Don’t Know HHow ou Eats Right Now Or Anything SO Can’t Really Help

But IMinimized My Meals To 300 Calories An Just Had A Piece Of Fruit For Breakfast. I Managed To Lose A Stone IN One Week Doing That xx


Answer #20

well you might be able to loose weight if you exercised about 5 times a week for an hour a day or you can run about a mile or two each day also decrease the amount of fating food you eat and eat more fruits and vegetables

Answer #21

It was said that you can lose weight in about two weeks. There are somethings that you should know. IF you use Acai Berry and the Colon Cleanse then you will have to remain on that and then exercise at least 45 -60 minutes a day. However, once you stop the weight comes back hard and strong. But it does work for as long as you keep up what you started. Then if you do situps and crunches it is not if you do them but how you do them. You have to be determined and yes drink plenty water, eat green vegetables, more salad nothing fried, try baked instead. Then if you really want to lose weight try the pink salmon in the tuna package they really help because you will not be as hungry if you do it. Try that for one month and watch how you will slim down and you are not starving yourself and you are not over doing it. Drink water if you drink coffee then quit for the next month because that will not help you. Try drink Smart water it is regular water but it taste great. And also fiber is the key as well. Try to eat as much things with fiber in them. You will find yourself int he bathroom a lot but it will help you.

Answer #22

columbus short from stump the yard lost 20 pounds within 2 weeks I dont know what he did but its possible

Answer #23

first put a garbage bag over your body, then put a shirt on, some pants, put a sweatshirt on, put another garbage bag on, have 5 pound weights in your hands and jog for 5 hours everyday, and you will loose like 5 pounds or more a day. I used to do this for when I was in conditioning for wrestling when I was in school. it really works

Answer #24

I know how you feel I’m 15 and use to weigh 195 I wanted to change my body before starting high school. I tried the Master Cleaning. 2 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper 1/2 a Lemon squeesed 2 table spoons pure mable syrup in about 1 and a half weeks you’ll lose 20 pounds and walking and eating right after that you lose more. Now I’m 142 and I can’t wait for school and all my guyfriends are all over me and not my other friends =P

Answer #25

I agree with sarahhh: you cant really lose 25lbs in that time. But try to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. And find a way to remind yourself how much you want to lose weight. Switch cokes to diet cokes, and switch other calorie filled drinks with water.

And instead of eating ice cream, change it to frozen yogurt. It tastes just as good, and only about 100 calories per 1/2 cup.

Dont worry about rushing to lose all of your weight in the school year- but people will be surprized how much you’ve shrunk from the beginning of the year to the end.

Answer #26

Do exactly what you said - get in shape! Running is great for the body, I run once a day but sometimes twice, always around 8 miles in total, give or take. Don’t run that far right now, obviously, build up to it.

Unfortunately, it would be very unhealthy for your body to lose 25 pounds in two weeks. What helps me, is to think of things I like to eat.. but then cut the portions in half. So basically whatever you eat (try and make it healthy), only eat half. That way you’re not starving yourself, but you’re also not over-indulging. You can always try going to a nutritionist!

Answer #27

Cut out ALL sugars and stick to health foods, eat no more than 1200-1400 cals. a day but make sure you get green vegetables and some type of protein everyday. EAT BREAKFAST, such as oatmeal or eggs. 6 days a week do at least 1 hour of cardio and 25 situps and 10 pushups (if you cant do that many start at 10 and do 1 more every day unitl you can do 25) DRINK AS MUCH WATER AS YOU CAN ! Carry a water bottle with you everywhere. If you do this you can lose inches and lbs very quickly and will see results within 3 weeks. Good luck, you can do it!!!

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Answer #29

for me? before im just that situition.. and I incourage my self to do.. cause.. no matter I doh.. or I lose 2lbs in 1 weak.. its help a lot.. or maybe.. people say!! you just change before I a meet u.. comparing noW.. it will help a lot.. compramising u!! you just change.. you know!! thanks

Answer #30

Hey, my solution to your problem is that you should eat according to your bloodtype. Mine, for an instance, is A so I have to eat things like soymilk and -flour, and quinoa - and NO wheat flour! I don’t eat meat - despite fish, now and then - so when I found out that when you’re an A you don’t need meat, I was really happy and relieved! Meat’ll actually just wind up as fat instead, since the gastric acid you possess as an A cannot digest the meat properly. It’s really a very good way to eat - it’s not a diet - and when I first started out eating like this (even without diet products) I lost 3 inches in one month around my waist. I even drank the soy milk with coacoa powder, so if I hadn’t done that I’d probably lost even more. But now I live with my father, so I can’t eat 100% like that, and I’ve gained like, twenty pounds over the years, which I’m desperately trying to lose, so I stumbled across your desperate cry for help. My advice: Find out which bloodtype you are, and buy or lend Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book “Eat Right for Your Type”. You’ll lose weight in no time - and of course you have to exercise too, but the food you eat counts as more than half on the tally… Good luck!

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