how to lose 20 lbs fast.

so . im 19. 138 lbs the last time I weighed myself. 5’3 . im fat and I can’t stand it. my ass is huge. and it looks like I have tree trunk legs cause im short. I want to get zantrex 3 to booste my metabolism so maybe I could lose weight. I don’t workout, I should I know. anyyyone have anny idea how I could lose 20 lbs. pleease pleaase. someone whose been through my experience. just help!

Answer #1

eat three meals and whatever the serving size is cut it in half…my sis did that and it worked abig time lolz

Answer #2

Whoa, your 5’3 and 138? your not fat, thats rediculous. if you want to loose a few pounds just watch what you eat and exercise more, dont eat huge meals… and dont eat junkfood. If your crazing a snack eat a fruit or something… dont tke diet pills.

for gods sake your only 138 and 5’3 ?? im pretty sure thats close to normal, if your a little chunky then go jogging a few times a week!

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