How to look sexy?

I know I’m not ugly, I love myself that God has created, but like in your opinion, what type of style would look good on me like clothing, jeans blazers etc.?

Answer #1

You really need to quit, You must the coolest kat at your school, if not I your’er the smartest. Keep up the good work Mr. Cool Breeze! (that’s old skool talk)

Answer #2

Yeah everyone has their own style. But I think you would look cute with some waves in your hair with a nice fade or a nice haircut. With some jeans it’s always best to keep up with the latest styles. Like Sean John and Abercrombie and nice clean tennis shoes and a fitted shirt. The key is to always be clean and well groomed. Sexy is a lot of work. And when you look good and feel good it gives you that confidence which will enhance your personality and people will LOVE you.

Answer #3

nobody cant tell u.. everyone has their own style. wear whatever you feel good and confident in.

Answer #4

Just go shopping and try a bunch of different things on and decide what types of things look best, just remember to be yourself.

Answer #5

I saw yo pik. and you got a nice body,so ghetto fab.

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