How can I look sexy without looking slutty ?

How can I look kinda sexy without looking sluty

Answer #1

Wear things that show off your figure without showing too much cleavage.

Answer #2

different people have different perceptions of whats sexy, but there are some things that are universal. like confidence. if you portray confidence (I dont mean being conceited, theres a difference) thats sexy to a lot of people. clothes for the most part (I find anyways) dont have much to do with being sexy. you mentioned you want to be sexy without being slutty, well covering up is a good way to go about that. showing a lot of skin isnt all that attractive and it doesnt get you a lot of respect. if a person can see everything on display for all the world to see whats sexy about that? theres no mystery to you at all.

Answer #3

stuff that camoflages your tummy, tight around the sides to show of your figure, or if you dont have much of a fugure show a bit of clevage. one or the other not both

Answer #4

I think that you don’t want to show anything on the first day because then some girl thats jelous could make you look like a slut dont show your self till everyone knows that you not a slutt so hold of you body till everybody knows how cool you really are and if you do you could atract the wrong attiention the kind that could get you an even worse name then sluttt

Answer #5

i dont think girls should show cleavage at all. i suggesst a short skirt with black tights, to show of your legs but still be modest and keep warm.

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