How to look naturally prettier?

Okay so next year I want to go to a boarding school but their is a no makeup rule , I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 12 I’m 14 now so I guess you can see where I only feel pretty wearing makeup, so my question is how can I get clearer and less dry skin? Also I have a lot of freckles and I hate it , is there any way to make them fade? And is there any way to make my boring eyes pop without makeup?

Answer #1

do your hair nice everyday… put vaseline on your eylashes it makes them look longer and on your lips so thay dont get chapped and it will also look like lipgloss… pink your cheeks to make them rosy. do lots of exersize to keep healthy xx

Answer #2

maybe get your eyebrows styled proffessionally? clear mascara? baby wipes are good for your skin, they give you a nice glow. xx

Answer #3

eat lots of vegetables and fruits, mind don’t starve urself just makes you look uglier.

Answer #4

thanks , oh and how long did you have to do this before you started to notice them dispersing?

Answer #5

okay thanks again

Answer #6

what kind of soft soap did you use , like what brand? and thank you

Answer #7

thanks everyone , any other advice would be good to , and no I don’t plan to starve myself.

Answer #8

ok so, just because you can’t wear makeup doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous! maybe try some side bangs, they’ll frame your face and make your eyes shine. clear mascara is always great. biggest tip: try a bunch of different hairstyles! it will hope you look beautiful without makeup. good luck hon! =]

Answer #9

you can sneak in some foundation or put lemmon on your face before taking a shower and let it sit for a few minuts before rinsing it of also if you apply olive oil over the lemon it will help get lines to go away especialy works for strech marks if you get any but I hardly ever wear make up and I got voted hottest chick in school cause most guys prefer natural girls so dont worry about that on field trips I dont really know about girls though anyways you could by strange contacts for your eyes like cat eyes or vampire eyes or ones that dont have any pupil but youll look kinda goth or punk

Answer #10

I know nobody will get this but stuff you put on top of your skin will not make it less dry. If your skin absorbed what was on top of it you would died because you skin is made to keep OUT stuff from your body.
Stop drinking pop and coffee and eating things that make your body acidic because it dries you out, and drink more plain water. Also eat HEALTHY fats and oils in your diet like healthy fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, olive oil, etc. Get the idea? Lotions etc might help your skin to not dry out from cold dry windin the winter or too much sun in the summer.
You don’t have a pic up so I don’t know why you would hate your freckles. People with freckles are not automatically less attractive. And your eyes will show more when you have a bright happy expression on your face. A LITTLE makeup is fine ir you know how to apply it—mainly not too much. And you answered my question, thx, but I don’t flash like being gross or anything, it is just that when its hot and I am chilling in my room (we have a small one floor house) I might go a few steps to the bathroom or refrigerator and don’t think it is a BIG deal if I don’t get fully dressed up for it. It would be weird to think its sexual or something just because I don’t put a shirt on for a small thing like that. omg chest size shouldn’t matter.

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