Tips on how to look naturally beautiful

on how to look naturally beautiful :) I do not like fakery lol I only wear mascara so I would like to ask your ideas on how to have a natural looking beautiful face and what face washes are best to clear spots and keep them away?

Answer #1

Well To Have Natural Looking Makeup Where A Foundation 1 Shade Darker Than Your Skin Tone And A Concealer 1 Shade Lighter Than Your Skin Tone,Where Light Mascara ‘Dont Cape It On’ Where Eyeliner And A Light Lipgloss This Does Work I Got It From A programme On T.v..As For The Spot Thing I Have the Same Problem..x

Answer #2

Good skin is key. Find the best washes and lotions for your face.

Answer #3

Chapstick, a tiny bit of blush and rinsing your hair with cold water goes a long way. :)

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