How to keep from going insane?

I got to a hospital yesterday morning for an eeg and I have to wear something around my neck that is plugged in to the wall, so I can’t go out of my room. Or, not too far. I can’t get to anywhere out of my room and I have to carry a bag around everywhere that weighs about 3 pounds. My question is how to keep from going insane?

Answer #1

well, i have to a problem with my hands where the muscles are really weak and i have benigned joint syndrome so i litteraly cant do anything that involves hand strength so i just get obbsessed with a tv show and watch videos of it for a long time, and i like to point a hairdryer at people passing by and see if they do anything, and sleeping is fun too, acctually i already went insane.

Answer #2

You Don’t! No one gts out alive or Sane. Heh! Heh! Heh!

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