How to improve my mathematics fast ?

Hello. I would like to know how can I improve my maths real fast. I used to be a straight A student for maths. However, this year, my results dropped. Whenever I come across to a difficult question, im just too lazy to think harder and then, I’ll just give up.

So.. Yar. How can I improve it and back to the old straight A student ? My national exams are 3 months away.

Thanks a million in advance. =]

Answer #1

underwaterophelia is correct.

good results generally takes commitment and motivation. and for maths practice makes perfect. and redoing questions and understanding principles and practicing old exams…but it all takes TIME and you cannot be lazy doing that.

Answer #2

You could give yourself mini tests or use past papers to test what you know already, then redo whatever you got wrong. You could give yourself a treat if you get a certain amount (say 70% or something like that) to make yourself work towards the reward.

Answer #3

well, first, try to study, just review the textbook, and review what you’v edone in each class… answer the previous questions that you have done wrong for homework… You’ll do much better… Hope this helps– ^^

Answer #4

There’s no way to help you if you don’t plan on not being lazy.

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