How to get a tongue piercing without my parents knowing?

Hey guys,was thinking to get my tongue pierced.I told my parents and they strongly disagree with the idea.They allow me to pierce my nose but not tongue.But I really want to get a tongue piercing.So how to get my tongue pierced without letting them know?

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try not to talk to them for the first few days..they will know as your tongue will swell up ...after that when you talk to them take it wont close soo fast...then you would be safe...hope it helps:)

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well my friend got her tongue pierced and didnt want her mom to know so what yoo'h do is, talk with your mouth slightly closed to where it doesnt show and try looking away while talking to hem without being too obvious while doing it, and yoo'h only have to do that until it heals, then if they find out it'll be to late because it will be to late to close up.
= )
hope that helped yoo'h

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I am qoinq to qet mines done on Wednesday hopefully &+& my mom &+& dad think that I don't need anythinq else because I have my belly button &+& a tattoo. My cousin qot hers done it's not qonna be so easy to hide she told me but I am sick riqht now &+& have a sore throat so I am just qoinq to stick with that excuse that my throat hurts. &+& don't talk &+& oh yeah it is qoinq to be hard to eat so eat before you qo.
oh yeah take Motrin &+& keep it clean.
&+& freeze a bottle of water at niqht so it can be extra cold &+& when you wake up drink it it makes the swellinq qo down because your tonque swells up more at niqht.

hope that helps.
wish you luck with it.=]]

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If your parents do not like the idea of you getting your tongue then listen to them. Just wait intil your 18 thats only 3 years.

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You can't get a pierce with your parents approval but they don't have controll over your life. So get it and be happy you got what you want. They'll get use to it.

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I had gotten my tongue pierced a year ago and my parents stil don't know about it. I am a college Student now so it really doesn't matter to me anymore. But, Every time I go home I will only wear the clear one and take it out when I am eating. Or wear it with only one ball in it so you can take it out real quick just incase. Its easy hiding it from them after it heals...

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As long as you don't actually stick out your tongue or open your mouth wide for a laugh you'll be fine. Just tell your parents that you have a sore throat; go out and get it done, come in after they're asleep. In the morning just mumble that you think you have a sore throat; you should be able to talk clearly. When I had mine done, it swelled up continuously for two days, and then went down. Make sure that you gargle with warm salt water a lot, and take Aleeve to help with the swelling.

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At 16, I got my tongue pierced...two weeks later, I got busted. Lucky for me my mom didn't flip but she refused to pay any of my dental bills ..of course I cracked one of my back teeth a few months later...
Your tongue will swell up, so if you don't ever talk to your parents then don't worry about it, but if you talk to them on a daily basis just expect to be grounded or have to take it out.

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well I had one of my best friends mom take me and got it done I paid for it myself as well but that is logic and when it happens you need to stay at someones house for 48 hours or until the swelling goes down if it swells when it gets pierced I had mine done and it didnt swell bleed and I didnt have trouble speaking well good luck this is the best advice I can give

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I just got mine done yesterday
and its really swollen and it hurts a lot
and I know what you mean because if my dad finds out he'll kill me. but just say you have a sore throath and dont want to talk, its really hard to talk now so dont stress it out. im lucky b/c im never home so I can wait till it heals without him knowing : ))
if your gunna get it done, just be careful and make sure you clean it after every meal and brush your teeth day and night

goodd luckk = ))

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PLS PLS PLS READ...GUD ADVICE:::;deh wil c it en it myt get swolen en infectd en how you gana no what tablet or medicinr 2 take 4 it den?...when you eat deh wil c it en definately when you tolk...deh woz dis woman that woz tolkin funi en I lukd at her tougue whilt she woz tolkin en sow da piercin. if deh found out you did it den you wil b grounded 4 like your hole 16 you kan du it

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why the hell would you want to do that?? just think about when your 90. how will it look then? eeewww, gross!

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Hm, it's a toughy, I have my tongue pierced and it's so hard to hide it because you're so conscious about it showing all the time. I tried to stay away from my parents for a couple of days, but my brother went home with an eyebrow piercing and got in a lot of trouble for it, so that kinda made me feel guilty! There's no way to escape the guilt, so if you decide to do it, come clean, and accept the consequences! It'll be better for you in the end!

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heres what to do...just for the couple months wear the bar that they pierce it with the metal one leave it in for a couple of days try to stay away from your parent for the first 2 days dont talk to them well try not too maybe do it on the weekend and stay at a friends then when your swelling goes down which mine went down after 2 days is to buy an invisable tongue ring which is the clear barbell so that way you cant crack or teeth or anything like other girl did and then your parent cant see it , I always wear plastic barbells so when your not around your parent then just buy the plastic color ones they are great hope I helped

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I agree with guru123... except you already did nm

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thanks for all the advice but I'm only 13 will they put me to sleep before they do it or not cause my friend got her belly pierced and they put her to sleep but I don't know if they will put me to sleep (hopefully)

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