How to gain weight in your butt?

Might be a dumb ? But I have been loosing weight and I lost a lot of it in my butt and since I didnt have a butt to begin with it is going away fast... Is there a way to get some fat or something in my butt ??

Need ways to gain your butt... ???
? Might not make sense lol
Thanks in advance

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ok I gotta know did this half and half with choclate milk actually work???
I want a bigger butt too im 5-2 I wear a size 1 and no butt.. I need all the help I can get

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chocolate milk will not help at all. to whoever mentioned that.

I have the same problem as you, and the best way to gain weight in the areas you want is to increase protein and carb intake, and excercise frequently. do different excercises to increase muscle in the areas you want. If you do gain some fat weight along with the muscle thats just fine. If it's in areas you dont want it to be in, like the stomach, excercise to tone the areas.
It's all about eating healthy and excercsing.
Gaining weight by eating lots of fats and sugars will make you gain more weight, but it comes with health problems.
Hopefully you find excercises that work well for you =)

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yea work out like some lunges and some pretty neat excercises that I've seen that coould def help you out in there,it'll def tone up your butt and make it nice and firm and make it a nice size I forgot what the excercises were but I remember how to do them oh well

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I think the only way to do that would be eating Fatty Foods like Potato Chips and Cookies. But that would be unhealthy for that purpose, and there's no telling where the Weight's really going. lol.

I would try squats. That should work. ^ Kooled knows.

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ok so I remembered the workout you have to get on all fours and like like lift your leg straight out in back of you and then bring it back in but don't let your leg touch the floor,then you do the same thing except your leg is omg its too long to write down I'll look for the instructions already written down hold on...

15min later...

check this out maybe it might work but if you want my complete instructions just mail me or sumtin and I'll get back to you when I have time

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see I have no butt meaning I have all muscle but I need to get some fat I guess lol
please help

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when you find out let me no lol

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I know that is unhealthy but I seriously have no a*&
it sucks :(
ill try squats wont that make it smaller though

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