How to feel confident at school

how can I gain high self-esteem and look an feel confident at my school???

Answer #1

put your shoulders back!! it makes you look confident. and about feeling confident? write a list of what you love about yourself. it could be anything, specific or not, whether it makes you feel confident is key.

Answer #2

why what’s worrying you? - well whatever it may be, know that you’re your own individual! and if you want to feel confident it alll starts with you taking action, why not try joining someting - a sport, club…ect something you’re good at! it helps, you’ll meet new people/friends and you’d be doing something you enjoy! =]

Answer #3

=) hey no worries. first things first: no comparing yourself to other people. everybody is different. it’s like comparing apples and oranges, so just DON’T. focus on stuff you like about you and not stuff you don’t.

if you would say what’s bugging you that would help me answer. is it how you look? dress? your personaltiy? your friends? what’s up?

Answer #4

I have a big problem with confidence too , at first I tried to be someone im not which really did not work , there is no really way for every one to find confidence , its up to you to get there. at school some people think im a geek , im not - they just think I am because I care about my education and about getting good grades, also I am shy around people I do not know , but the important thing is that YOU know who you really are and that your friends know the real you. hold your head high - nobody is better than you ( no matter how they try to make you feel -) - be strong and remember you are not worthless ! :)good luck x

Answer #5

Confidence is something that comes from within ones self, its not really a personality trait. It comes with being happy with your self, I lacked in confidence most of my teenage life and due to an incident I re-evaluated my life and was able to sort my head out, accepting myself and becoming happy for the first time in years I must had. This in it’s self brought on new confidence.

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