How to dress like a slut?

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my wiofe and I go out to pubs and shopping we both get a real kick out of dressing like a slut its great and who cares what people think its a turn on I flirt like mad too and my husband loves it what husband would love her wife that much to let her have fun like this its great I can do what ever I want as long as I never emotional get with any guy (which I never would the more people that look at me the better and my husband loves it too we are in love to the max have 5 kids and will never part this was a fantasie we lived out and it has excited our sex lives been together 20 years and its just getting better I guarantee to do this for any couple --but the key word is you have to have trust and be very in love to do this.

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Well people always think im a slut.and everthing I dress like one but im not one.
When you go out in public wear short shorts. Skimpy shirts.
Personally im 13 I have my tounge pierced. Belly button pierced and a tramp tattoo.
Personally I show those off. (:
Flaunt what you got.
Just don't be a slut.

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Uhm I don't think you would want to dress like a slut. Trust me, it's not good for your reputation, especially if you ARE one. And if you aren't, people will think you're a want to-be and that's not something you should want to be lol.

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1. No bras or panties. No underwear at all!
2. Sheer clothing or Loose fitting skimpy outfits
3. Short skirts are key
4. Expose yourself as much as you can when you bend over or just sit down(spread your legs)
5. Let everyone see your unmentionables, it's more fun that way!

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what the f*ck!!! you really shouldnt WANT to be a sl*t. thats like a total rep ruiner! really dont try to be a sl*t!

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Why would you all get so wound up, I personally don't understand this girl but... each to there own! I'm guessing she just wants more attention from men, and seriously what's wrong with that? She is going a bout it the wrong way I guest and is searching for a confidence boost! I wish her luck with finding confidence by herself though, I'd be happy to give her sum tips but I'm not sure how old she is, this site is oviously not very well monitored if a 13 year old is giving mastibation tips, which btw I'm descusted by! Please girl think about who's reading that!

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lmaooo misundesto019 is deff a immature little slut, she says she dresses like one and etc but isnt one... click her name she has other posts about being 13 and pregneant, how to fineger herself with household items and etc lmao love how girls are in denial when it comes to being called a slut...and wildone111 your just a disrespect slut to both your husband and urself.. pathetic bet you got aids...if your husband is turned on by you liking being a slut and flirting then prlly doesnt even like you accept for sex lol losers

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(tight)spandex (pant or mini skirt, or shorts), high heels, lots of eye makeup tops that push cleavage up and reveal it or tight and thin enough to show nipples, black or white thigh high stockings, anything fetishy can be good, it kind of depends on your tastes- and by the way, I love how people feel the need to try to change your mind when someone asks a question like this, as if you don't know what you want to do. some people make me sick.

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personally I think you might as well be a slut after all guys only look at sluts and wank over them so that must be all they want, if a guy sees a girl with fake extensions eyelashes and loadsa make up short skirt and boobs out wlking down the street they are guaranted to look so if you want to be please a g uy be a slut.

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My husband loves when I dress scantily. I love wearing see through tops or dresses always w/o underthings. The last time we went to dinner at a friends restaurant with his brother and my uncle I wore a bare breasted dress and my breasts were fully exposed. We really had great service and our relatives were shocked btt stared all the time

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