How to build your own personality and Maintain it?

Male 20,

  1. How to build your own personality? A Good one?

  2. How do you maintain your own perosnality and prevent people or your surroundings to change it. Defend your personality

  3. How to Deal with other personality? Young and Adult?

Answer #1

May I try an answer, enough though I’m not male and am nowhere near 20?

  1. to build up your own personality, try to find role models - in real life, or from books. Reading the stories of the lives of people who really made a mark on their societies, and the world, is a good idea. (That said, MY role models might not be yours - the choice is up to you!)

  2. then it’s just a matter of standing by your beliefs. At 20, you should plenty of experience of that already. It can help to think about the person who’s challenging you, and ask yourself ‘Is THAT the kind of person I want myself to be?’ Remember, you don’t have to change HIM (or her), or engage in pointless arguments - just stick to your ideas and grow stronger day by day.

  3. and I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand your third question. But I hope my ideas above can help a little.

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