how to breed betta fish

Hi.I am intrested in breeding betta fish.I have a breeding pair(male,female).My male is building a bubble nest and everything is going as planned.I just know what to do when I put them together.I tried it once and they nipped at eachother for 45 minuts so I took the female out.can you please provide me with some info.thx

Answer #1

fish are like that all of them you just got to let them get to know each other trust me . if things get to rough take her out ok. when fish get close i means they are about to be in bound with each other. leave them alone if this happens.,

Answer #2

If you want to breed a betta fish than you have to have a male betta and a female betta, the male are the ones with the really long fins and the females are the much smaller ones. If you want to breed them than you have to have them in the same bowl, don’t be afraid to see that the male is nipping at the female; he is just trying to show his attention to her, if he bites too hard then the female betta will attack him and eventually kill him. it would also be helpful if you bought a divider for fish (its clear looking) and it has to be put in the middle of the tank or bowl and also it teaches the betta to get along, it could be wise that when you leave the house, to put the dividers up so they wont box each other and then when you come home, you can take it down but keep a sharp eye on them. Then eventually everything will fall right into place.

Answer #3

I would agree with vetb1966 because bettas do react that what. if he nipps for too long, he should be taken out of the tank and put in a new one because sooner or later the female will get tired of it and kill him. if you have to get a new fish, that would be helpful, if you buy it at a local pet store, be sure to ask some more questions about the fish to who ever is taking care of the fishy area.

Answer #4

yes try another male beta fish with the same female. my first male nipped the fins off my female this new male and my female started mating today.

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