Should I get a female or male betta fish?

female or male betta??? I have guppies and neons I love betta mayb if yours works I might try it ik females get along relle well with non agressive fish

Answer #1

some famales betta’s get along with guppies because i have a female betta and she loves everybody but dont put a male and a female together because if there not breeding shes killing him.

Answer #2

I have a Male. His name is Artemis. He’s Real cool,but hes feirce,Hes in his own tank cuz he attacks everything you put in his tank. I wouldnt advise putting a male in a tank of other fish. =]

Answer #3

I had a female beta in a 75 gal with a male, and then had some major tank problems and moved them to a 10 gal for a while and she stayed hiden the whole time she died, because she got wrapped around the filter and couldn’t move. My male is in a tank full of tetras, and neons, etc… they have no problems with my male beta, just dont get two of them, now my mom has a big tank with angels and the angels pick at her betas fins, but they dont fight but angels are semi agressive.

Answer #4

My fish died

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