How to best treat navel piercings with having sensitive skin?

I just got my navel pierced about 4 days ago. Many say to wash it with anti-baterial body soap, but the only type of soap I can use is Dove due to extremely sensitive skin. Would Dove soap damage the piercing in any way? I'm using sea salt about three times a day.

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I have sensitive skin also, I never cleaned my piercing, whenever I took a shower and stuff thats when I would wipe around it, It never got infected, but I noticed it did get a little dry, so, I decided to use a q-tip and put vasilne around it, and it really did a lot, Hopefully that will help you. I also used the spray The people gave me. So use that too if you have it. :]

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I dont think you should use any soap. just wash it with water and make sure to get all the puss etc out if there is any. make sure you dry it compleately so there is no water or anything anywhere near it- this is what infections breed in. when you are home everyday, take your shirt off and let it air until you go to bed if thats possible.

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I have really sensitive skin too!
But Dove isn't all that great for new piercings.

I used this brand called Satin. It's a lot like the stuff you find in hospitals haha. It's anti-microbial. But it works wonders! =D

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I had my navel pierced, and I didn't do anything different from what I normally did before it was pierced. I would just pay better attention to that area. ie: making sure it was dry after getting out of the shower. mine was done in the summer time and I went swimming with it and everything, no problems. now some people are more prone to infections etc. if you are one of those people, then I would suggest of course taking different measures such as anti bacterial soap just in that area, perhaps after you get out of the shower use a q tip around that area with anti bacterial soap. it will be fine just don't use lotion near that area for awhile.

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