how to become flexible fast

how to become flexible before August 24

Answer #1

just stretch daily. do exercises to stretch, but don’t over do it. and genetics too. it takes time to become really flexible if you don’t have the genetics. I have the genetics and I’m very flexible. my cousin calls me a contortionist haha

Answer #2

go to a chiropractor and let him stretch you and pop you in and out of place again it works …had it done myself, today as a matter of fact… it was part of my gym membership for Gold’s gym and it made me feel like I could do cart wheels all over the place!!!

Answer #3

Try yoga… and yeah, this is partly genetic and partly something that comes with practice… I have randomly amazing flexibility for my size… purely genetic… but doing exercises everyday should help…

Answer #4

It’s not in the genetics because flexibility … like muscle is earned through one’s life. If you train/stretch when you are a young child that will earn you flexibility much quicker than if you start training/stretching as a teen or adult. You need to stretch daily to maintain this flexibility otherwise you will lose it and missing out on a day may take you up to a week to get back that flexibility.

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