How to become fat in one month

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hahaha! Well you just eat a lot of junk food. And make sure you don't excercise at all. Just sit around the house and eat. That's my best advice!

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Don't eat tons of junk food--even if you want to gain weight, it's completely unhealthy.

Eat a normal amount of junk food. Just increase your intake of anything else. Eat anything high in calories--it doesn't all have to be junk food.

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just eat a lot of junk food and fast food with fating on them and just keep on checking your weight on a scale that should work lol...

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eat all the time even when your not hungry and eat lots of junk food.

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eat fatty foods and dont work out, glad I could help

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Eat junk food everyday...

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One way: Krispy Kreme cream-filled, chocolate-covered - day and night.

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