How to avoid male colleagues who irritate me at work place?

I feel v.bad cause I have an argument with my colleagues at my work they always irritate me you know I’m the only girl here and there’re three boys with me … Do you have an idea how can I deal with them I tried every thing but it was useless I don’t know what should I’ve to do …

Answer #1

I bet you have already tried ignoring them (but they still pester you insistently).

maybe you can talk to your immediate superior about this if its THAT bad.

Answer #2

irritating I think is just summet youll have to put up with cus I dont think its classed as harrasment :S

I might be wrong…

I have a very irratating person sitting behind me and telling me im borring cus I wont watch a film with her and shes chucking paper airplanes at me.. silly cow and their coming keen 0_o

if its really worse than what im having to put up with at this moment in time id do what ina said and go and talk the boss… if they cant/wont help even after having a word with them then go to your boss’s boss..

you could warn them first and see if that helps.. you could just tell them that if this carries on youll be making a complaint against them..

Answer #3

What I’ve learned simply by growing old…it’s near impossible to change others, but you sure can change yourself…so maybe figure out how to be less irritable?? I know that a workplace overflowing with testosterone can get on a person’s nerves…but if you’re working in a place where it’s men…and you…growing thicker skin, learning to tune them out, and concentrating on your own work does wonders…I know, I was the manager of a Freight Co…all truck drivers (men)…and me.


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