How: Songs appeared on itouch...didn't download them?

I got an itouch for christmas, blah blah blah, not important. I have a ton of CDs, so all day I’ve been putting them in my computer and taking the songs off them and putting them onto my ipod playlist. I’m going through the music right now and I found 3 songs that I am like 400% sure I didn’t download, and weren’t on my CDs. The songs are Schitzo by brokencyde, Knives and Pens by Black Veil Bride, and I can’t remember the other.

I did NOT download them from itunes and they were NOT on my cds. The only thing I can think of is that they might have been on one cd my friend gave me. She has limewire and made me a Cd, but those songs weren’t on it.

Also, the songs are on my itouch, but not on my itunes on my computer? Whats up with this? Since they’re not on itunes I can’t delete them. Help pleaseee.

Answer #1

maybe they were sample songs of your itouch…

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