How can I transfer my songs on my iTouch to another library?

I recently got a new laptop and I downloaded itunes on it. as of right now my itouch is connected to a library on a different computer. is there an easy way where I can transfer all my songs on my itouch to the new library on my laptop. if anyone has any idea PLEASE help me out :) k thanks

Answer #1

what to do is when your ipod is plugged in go to the control panel then go to appearance then click show hidden files and folders, then once that is done go to my computer then click your ipod in there there are a few weird named folders copy all of them s=to your desktop or something then once thats copyed go into itunes and click add folder to library then find the ipod’s folder that you just copied and that should work thats how I did it when I got my new laptop if that was confusing go to here : xD hope I helped x

Answer #2

Download CopyTrans at It allows you to transfer songs to and from your iPod without using iTunes. You can transfer all the songs on your iPod Touch to your computer, add them to iTunes and then resync your iPod. I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, funmail me and I’ll try to help.

Answer #3

okay when you plug in your itouch a window should pop up but itunes should be closed when doing this okay the window has 3 icons on it but at the end of the list dhould say”set autoplay defaults in control panal” press it and then itll say import songs using itunes or all the other options like playsongs using itunes show songs using itunes etc.. hope I was help

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