How should i fix my hair if it turned a light orange color ?

I used a blonde hair color in my hair and it turned light orange instead of light blonde. How can I make it light blonde?

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hmm.. I bleached my hair a lot a few months back and it only resulted in thin, dry hair that was in terrible condition :/

so maybe dont bleach, go to your local hair salon and see what they say, they might be able to use a type of toner on your hair which should give you an all over balanced colour of blonde :)

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I had that same problem.I dyed my hair blonde and it ginery orange. try dying your hair again. use loads of hair product that can be used to protect the colour from fading... the only thing then is keep checking it daily, too see what happenes... good luck

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you need to bleach it more and then you need to put toned in it and youi need to make sure you got blonde hairdie that has bleach in it cus some dont

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