Do you think I'm anemic?

Sorry for the weird title, but the website wouldn’t let me post my question because it was “already asked”. What I really wanted to ask was do you think I’m anemic? I have pale skin, and am always cold to the touch. My periods normally last a week, and are heavy. I lose a lot of blood. Should I get it checked out?

Answer #1

Sounds to me like you could be (I had anemia due to heavy bleeding a few years ago and had the same symptoms as you), better get it checked out by your doctor. He/she will be able to give you the best possible treatment for it.

Answer #2

youve got some of the signs mybest bet is to go to a docter my mum has it and has to take a lot of pills

Answer #3

Visit and doctor, its probably nothing, but better safe than sorry.

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