How old for vibrator?

Do you have to be 18 to buy a vibrator from spencers? Theres a sign that says “for adult use only” but will they id you?

Answer #1

Haha I wouldn’t of thought so, that would be mighty embarassing being ID’d for wanting to buy a vibrator.

Answer #2

yes they do I.D. for vibrators

Answer #3

I would like to buy one because I just broke up with my boyfreind and im 15 I love having sex

Answer #4

I personally dont think they should I.d anyone for that. a 15 year old using a vibrator is way better then them going out and having sex. You can call in and ask.

Answer #5

I think when you turn like 13 your parents should give you a vibrator! I would LOVE one!

Answer #6

Get the new electric toothbrushes they are selling near the toothpaste. The pulsar by oral B is basically a vibrator disguised as a toothbrush and ur parents will never suspect. And its 5 dollars.

Answer #7

i am fourteen and I have one

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