How old do you have to be to buy things from spencers?

How old do you have to be to buy intimates from Spencers? Such as lingerie, toys?

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yea? okkk but I guess ill still ask the cashier cause I've gotten sooo many different answersss

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Ok! heres the thing: Spencers is not a ligit sex store... and I go near the sex part all of the time its just kind of awkward, all I need to know is if I can buy anything sexual without getting ID'd or asked how old I am.

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You have to be 18, anything that has to do with sex, or stuff for sex, thats the age limit. Anything else, you can buy. :]
- Advice Girl. <3

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ok.. thanks guys! but pwincess irenemarie? I looked on the website and it asked if I were 18 or older, so should that mean something?

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There isn't a certain age. It's just very awkward buying dildos, condoms, etc from there if you are young haha. But you can be any age.

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Yeah if I were you I'd have someone ask and then get whatever. I honestly don't think they'd ID you though

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we dont have spencers in australia, at least any that I know of, but we have similar stores that sell crazy gifts and also have an adult section that sells sex toys and sex related things
over here those shops let you go in at any age but unless your 16-18 your not allowed were the adult stuff is

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You can buy it at any age. There's no age limit because they're not an acutal sex shop.

If they had an age limit theyd let you know somehow.

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hahah really?Do you think that maybe I should ask them first or have one of my friends ask and then I'll go in and do whatever?

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since they sell sex toys like vibrators
I would think 18
or 16 at the very least
as you cant legally buy sex toys at a sex shop unless your 18
but maybe your allowed to go in at any age but are told to stay away from the side were they have the adult stuff
im not sure, you should just go into the store and ask them

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well the thing is, spencers is not an actual sex store, it sells other things to and I'm sure you know thatt but I dont know if they will ID me or what.

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They really could care less. Atleast the Spencer's in the malls I live near. I'm not sure about where you are, but here you can buy rainbow c*ck pops, lingerie, sex toys, whatever you want at any age, pretty much.

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16 at least x

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would the id me>

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oh wow ok so I guess I should be good. but I don't live in canada, I live in amercica... sooo I think it'll prob be different.

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You can go in there of course but you can't buy anything unless you are 18.

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Anything sex related, as in sex toys, 18. Just like lover's lane. You have to 18 to even go in lover's lane.

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If you are cute enough, the guy cashiers will let you buy anything... *wink wink*

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Nah, they wont ID you. They may look at you strangley.

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