How old do you have to be in Connecticut to get your tounge pierced?

Im 15 andd I live in connecticut. I really want my toungue piereced but my mom says she doesnt thonk im old enough. I personally think she doesnt want me to get it done. But I wannna know how old I have to be. Oh and does any one know a good place to get it done for a good price?

Answer #1

Okay. So if I go to get it done with parental supervison or if they sign something there I can get it done?

Answer #2

you have to be 18 in the state of connecticut, but you can be whatever age you want if your parent signs the release form I was 15 when I got mine done

Answer #3

templatepro, he’s asking for places where he can sneak away to get it done without his parent’s consent, which pretty much proves he’s not mature or responsible enough to handle it. His mother is 100% right to forbid it. He’s clearly not mature enough to be making permanent body-modification decisions on his own.

Answer #4

1 im a she 2 im really not immature. 3 my mom didnt say she did approve of it. I just thinks she really doesnt want me to get it done.

Answer #5

I believe you have to be 18 to get it done without a parents consent.

Just ask your mom why she thinks that and tell her that you are responsible enough to handle it.

Answer #6

I don’t believe she is Mikeh. If she was asking that then she wouldn’t be asking anything about the legal age would she?

Answer #7

‘’She,’’ my mistake, sorry about that.

Answer #8

Thank you. And im sorrie if I did come off as immature.

Answer #9

Oh and thanks templatepro.

Answer #10

No problem.

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