How old do my pits have to be before I can breed them?

And how long is their pregnancies? They are very active and loving dogs. I hate that they have such bad rep.

Answer #1

If you hate that Pit Bulls have such bad reputations, you probably shouldn’t breed them. You’ll just be creating more potentially unwanted Pit Bulls to wind up in shelters or in the wrong homes with people that may sell them for fighting dogs or not give them proper care, making them aggressive. Spay and neuter your Pit Bulls and enjoy them as your beloved pets and leave breeding to professional breeders.

Answer #2

Jlw82 said it all.. Thank you for that, Yahh. I wouldn’t breed Pitbulls, there’s already too many in shelters that need a home. Why don’t you go visit one of your local shelters and see if there is any pitbull puppies and see about adopting one of them. But, maybe in a few years if there is less pitbulls in shelters then you should breed them then. But, if you do ignore me and breed them then you’ll just be one of the no good heartless people who created these dogs and they wind up in shelters, or in bad houses, or most likely in dog fights. How about you don’t breed them yet, and just adopt some pitbulls from shelters, that’s what I’de do if I were you. But, That’s just me. Ohhh, and to answer your question, Female dogs should be around the age of 3 to be bred.

Answer #3

I agree, if you don’t even know how long gestation is for a dog (or you think that Pitbulls are different than other dog’s gestations)…you most certainly don’t know enough to breed them…

Leave breeding to those who know what they’re doing.


Answer #4

notllls ar bad but leave there own if ty wa have babie thay will dotees leave the dogs a d hrsmy baby his name is rocky

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