How old are you when you get your drivers license?

When do you get you drivers lisence? And what grade?

Answer #1

ya get it when your 16 thats about 10th grade but here in texas you have to get your permitt first and have it 6 months befoer you can get your lisence…

Answer #2

depends, in most states in the US, you can get yur learner’s permit at 15 (9th grade and beginning of 10th) and yur license at 16(10th and beginning of 11th)

Answer #3

well, I dunno about where you live but in colorado (and I think this is pretty standard) you have to take a test to get your permit, then you have to take a certain amount of drivers ed class (with your permit) and have your permit for a year, then you can get your license. the youngest you can get it is 16 but those are the requirments.

Answer #4

permit at 16 1/2 then you wait like six months and complete certain driving hours and then you take the actual driving test and get your liscence

Answer #5

depend in most states in the Us, you can get your learners permint at 15 (9th grade and beginning of 10th) and your liscense at 16 (10th and beginning of 11th)

Answer #6

your either 16 or 17 regularly!! but your like in 11th or 12th grade!!

Answer #7

Learners permit at 15 regular DL at 16 CDL at 27

Answer #8

I was 16

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