How normal is it for the implant pill to make you this way ?

Right I went to the doctors and I told her I want to go on the implant and she gave me a pill to see if my body can take it and then after I go on the implant

I’ve been taking it for 2 months now and my periods have stopped but they said its suppose to , I know what the implant and the implant pill does its just I got all these wired cravings and im always tired and I feel ill most of the time

What could it be

I doubt im preg because me and my boyfriend have protection

Help me

Answer #1

I have the implant and never had to take tablets before hand. However when I had my implant put in and also taken out, I had really weird food cravings. also felt ill a lot of the time. When you take any contraception this can be a natural reaction because your body is going through hormone changes it isnt anything to worry about. However if you are having problems maybe best to talk to your doctor and see what they have to say. hope this helps.

Also with the implant it can trick your body into a state of pregnancy which is why your periods can stop. So this can also make you feel the way you have been because in some sense your body thinks its pregnant and is reacting in the way it would if you were!!

Answer #2

Get off the pills, go with the Nuva Ring. My wife had nothing but good things to say about it. It also gives your boyfirend a fun game to see if he can pull it out using his prick.

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