How nicole richie loss weight?

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nicole richies cool

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OMG the whole "she wanted attention" bit is sooo flipping generic, Maybe she went threw some hard times and lost weight...we have all been least i know TONS of people who are so stressed and have so much on their mind it is hard to eat. Also dont forget she was on drugs..then stopped which makes you GAIN weight..then after time you drop it!! Stop picking on people, the world would be so much nicer if people said something nice instead of ripping apart people!! Good night

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By shoving her face with food then throwing it up making her self become bulimic because she had a mental breakdown and problem

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she didnt have a mental f** breakdown she wanted f** attention, she wasnt in the f** spotlight anymore so she decided to be like everybody else and starve themselves and besides why would she be smiling? people with Bulimia/ Anorexia they dont like people knowing and they dont have f** buddies either. I'm sorry about blowing up but thats how I feel about it. and if it wasnt for her daddy being Lionel freakin Richie she wouldnt be where she is and living the way she does.and her little BFF famous for her last name..ya thats all that sluts worth..haha lol..I think its so stupid that Nicoles 24 yrs old and still living off Daddies money, I'm freaking 16 yrs old and I have a job to pay for everything and my Dad he has his own car company and I still refuse to take his money because I feel I dont deserve it. So thats how I feel about it.

How did Nicole Richie lose all that weight?

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