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How much would you rate this essay out of 40?

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I had an exam, and we had to write an essay. So I just wanted to know how much would you rate this out of 40? (I'm a 12th grader if that matters..). My essay consists of four paragraphs, and 115 words (though they should actually be 120-140). I just want to know your opinion about my writing. English is not my mother language by the way, so please consider your rating to a non originally English speaker. My teacher is a non original English speaker as well. I'm the top student on my English class by the way.

In this essay, you must write about an object, or an activity, that is very important to you. You must explain the role it plays in your life. You may also explain what would happen if you gave it up. Here is mine:

Everybody has an object or an activity that is important to them. Well, mine is travelling. In fact, I can't imagine my life without travelling.

When I feel upset, the only thing that makes me feel better, is travelling. Sometimes I like to walk around in our beautiful nature, or even just sit and observe the breathtaking landscapes.

I also like travelling abroad. I've been in Greece before, and I'm looking forward into visiting more countries in the future. Moreover, travelling abroad grants a special feeling inside of me.

I really like travelling, and I don't know what to do without it. In addition, it makes me more optimistic, thus it's special to me.

So, what do you think? Thanks.

You may also rate it this way:

Content and organization: out of 8. Vocabulary: out of 8. Language use: out of 16. Mechanics: out of 8.