How much should I weigh, I am 14, a girl, and 5'9?

Right now I don’t play any sports and every time I weigh myself I’m between 127-132 pounds. I want to be thinner, because I have belly fat, thigh fat, chin fat, and I feel like that’s a lot of useless weight. How much should I weigh if I want to be “supermodel thin”?

Answer #1

127-132… :)

and omg your 14yrs old and 5’9???!!! :0

haha thats funny because im 19yrs old and I am 4’11 hahahahaha

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Answer #3

There really is no set weight. But yes, 127-132 is a decent weight. I am 5”7 and 14 and I weight around 110, but I am very lean and in the lower 20% of the BMI index. You are at a healthy weight. If you want to work on it, I recommend doing it the old fashioned way. Eat healthy, and exercise regularly! (PS, supsermodel thin is a ridiculous thing to be. Trust me. Don’t be worrying about being this thin. Its quite unhealthy, and unrealistic.)

Answer #4

lol im 13 and 5’9 well I only weigh 110 all I do is run and jog with my friends

Answer #5

your fine if you want your stomach to go down just walk or jog a lot and do crunches ;)

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