How much may lift 14 years boy

My grandson in the summer camp and he lift very havy box wiht food
How much may 14 years boy lift up

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When I was 14 I was having to lift things that were about a third of my body weight pretty much constantly, although I'm a girl. And I'm not sure how much you're actually allowed to lift or whatever.

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when I was born I was 56cm 5.5 kg but now at age 14 I am an average hight teen 5ft9 but I could easily lift 3x the weight normal kids could have done

Can A 14 Year Old Gain Abs?

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you mean like weights?
I was 14 and I would bench 135... squat 205, dead lift 190, and power clean 115...

How to get muscles at 14 years old?

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