How much would it cost to change your Name?

I want to change my name to Pray when im 16 but i dont know who much it would cost.

Answer #1

I wouldn’t know but why would you want to change your name? No one would ever remember to call you that differnet name and it takes forever to change your name when you get your mail. I can almost assure you that your name is beautiful and suites you nicely. I wanted to change my name but i realized that God gave me this name for a reason so I decided to keep my name the way it is even if it is a boys name.

Answer #2

God gave you a name? Surely not!

I used to be called Danny Shithouse so i got changed to David.

Answer #3

Well god planned out your whole life before you were born so he obviously gave you your name!

Answer #4

Every time you change your name, There will always documents left in your old name which may lead to some suspicion when you try to get a job, passport ect. ect….A simple name change can cost fewer than $100 if there are no licenses or passports to change. Though they may have to change your name on your social security card which can end up being $500 or more. Changing your name can be expensive and vary deeply in what documents need changing…Hope I Helped in some way!

Answer #5

When you next go to the library have a look for an old book called “Origin of Species” the author is Charles Darwin. Read it.

Answer #6

What is it about? Is it a story or is it a nonfictional book?

Answer #7

It’s about all these cute animals and little insects and over a period of time only the strongest cutest ones survive what nature throws at them, i wont tell you what happens too much i might spoil it for you. I’m convinced its fiction a true story that never ends.

Answer #8

normally you are looking at a couple grand at least because you have to get your sin changes birth certificate and everything else.

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