How much I can take from these girls?

im 5 months pregnat and im still in school.when girls first began to look at my stomach it never bugged me.but now its annoying and I get mad at the girls who stare and I got so frustrated I yelled at a girl in the hallway for staring and talking.I cant be fighting cus of my baby.any suggestions on how to calm down or ignore these dumb girls?

Answer #1

be proud of your bump just be happy there jeasious x

Answer #2

JUST BE PROUD!!! your having a baby! who cares that they’re looking at you. walk by the dumb chicks and give them a huge SMILE! it will confuse them. lol

tell me who it goes

Answer #3

Hey, maybe they don’t even mean to be rude.

Being 5 months pregnant changes your body, but it’s not yet completely obvious that you’re pregnant. Maybe they just stare because they’re wondering wether you’re really pregnant or wether you just gained weight. You know it’s sometimes hard not to stare.

Get a maternity-shirt with something obvious written on it. There’s shirts that say “baby inside” designed like the “intel inside” logo. Or anything similar. That will make it clear. See if that helps.

bye the sheep

Answer #4

well you do have to understand that being pregnant while in school is a bit strange. not that there aren’t tuns of pregnant school girls now. but still I am pretty sure that the majority of girls in your school aren’t pregnant. it is going to be hard. especially if you never went through anything like this before. but you made a choice!!! you kept your baby!!! don’t feel insecure and unsure because I bet the other girls wouldn’t know what to do in your situation (I am not for young people getting pregnant but I am for them keeping their baby :D) do your best and I am hoping for everything to go well ^_^

Answer #5

No offense, but what did you EXPECT was going to happen when you fell pregnant while still in school?

Obviously it is strange when a teenager is pregnant, it’s not something that people are used to. Usually it is adults that have babies.

So simply just ignore them. They are allowed to stare and if you pay attention to them and make a scene you’ll just cause more staring and possible trouble for your baby.

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