How much are prescription glasses

How much do glasses usually cost for prescription glasses and don’t tell me 2 look it up because the eye doc. I go 2 is so old they don’t kn0 what a website is lol help and thankx

Answer #1

:) thankx you guys!!! :)

Answer #2

glasses that do the job and looks like you didn’t come out of a 80’s book- about 100 if you’re looking for designer frames with antireflective coating- about 400 and if you want the ultra thin glasses with super prescription- add 150 on any of those

Answer #3

A nice pair will run you, at the least, $300

Answer #4

Generally you can expect to pay about $150 for an average pair of glasses, and $300 for a better quality pair. I got a cheap pair some months ago for glasses I dont wear much, they cost about $95 but they’re very flimsy.

Answer #5

it depends on what you get with medical insurance, some are free if you want designer of course they will be more but just regular frames would be $68-$6000

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