how much should I spend on warriors vs celtics?

how much should I offer to spend on 2 warriors vs. celtics tix lower level seating?

Answer #1

Well I think probly spend a lot of money but it does come to a point il I’d say look online and see how much they cost. also keep in mind that you’ll be seeing ray allen, who is obviously gonna be a Hall of Famer, and KG whose oneof the best big men in the league and is also gonna be an HOF. And that’s not to mention steph curry on the warriors whose one of the best phenoms to come out of college. However it is true that golden state is probly gonna get killed. But still lower level is pretty sweet. Hope that helped.

Answer #2

Depends on who your rooting for… If your rooting for the Warriors, don’t spend any money on it because they’ll just get smashed on.. Go online and see how much they cost there, then make your offer to the seller.. (btw I like the Warriors and the Bulls)

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