How much are pregnancy tests?

How much are pregnancy tests or are they free & where can I get them from ? Because I am 14 and maybe pregnant and I need to know if I am or not ? And I have not told my parents so they can not help me with this ?? Thankyou xx

Answer #1

Okayy thanks x

Answer #2

yopu can get a free pregnacy test if you go to the link or if you but them there not really that much depends on which once you get x

Answer #3

You had sex only a few days ago…at least wait until you show any symptoms.

Answer #4

depends which one you get..there usually not that expensive

Answer #5

Your body wont produce enough pregnancy hormone to be detected in a pregnancy test until the first day of your missed period- usually 2 weeks after conception- at earliest! Wait a while.

If you don’t know these things, you’re too ignorant to be playing around with such a grownup activity.

Pregnancy tests cost about $9 for one.

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