How much does a Leapord Gecko usually cost at petco?

how much does a Leapord Gecko usually cost at petco? does it change from state to state, or is it just a general price?


Answer #1

Beware! Unless you are experienced with geckos, you may have one or even two die on you, due to the poor training Petco gives it reptile department.

Look at the size of the tail on the gecko you are thinking about buying. Its tail contains all the fat and water stores its entire body has, so if it has a skinny tail (they all do there) it is an indicator the gecko is unhealthy. You want a gecko’s tail to start having shape and being bigger than its body, using a variety of foods like crickets, mealworms, and other insects. A better idea for a beginner would be to adopt from a breeder. The price is usually the same, and the quality and health of the gecko is MUCH better.

If you have any more questions, mail me.

Good luck

Answer #2

I go there quite a bit, it’s usually anywhere from $25 to $45 for them depending on the age and size.

Answer #3


which ones tend to be cheaper, younger or older?

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