How many yogurts a day should I eat for the right amount of dairy?

Yogurt is pretty much the only dairy product I will eat. That being the case, how many should I eat a day?

Answer #1

Well as I’m sure you know yogurt has a lot of calcium. Usually on the yogurt container it says the percentage of calcium (of your total recommended daily consumption) on the nutritional panel. You can calculate how much you need to eat based on that. Otherwise I would suggest eating 3 if thats the only dairy product you eat.

Answer #2

I feel the same way about anything orange flavored. So sad though… cheese is awesome!

Answer #3

‘Nerd’… I used to eat so much cheese to the point where I cant even stand it anymore.

Answer #4

According to Weight Watchers, one yogurt is equal to one serving of dairy. You don’t like cheese?

Answer #5

about only 2 or 3

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