How many times is excessive masturbation?

MALE 27 YEARS, UNMARRIED. I mast*rbate at about 4 times in a day on average…some times up to 10 times from past 8 years. I know this is excessive, some times i feel i am the only one who does these many times. let me know the side effects, disadvantages and your valuable suggestions. thank you.

Answer #1

No that is too much I think you need to have some reals ex…Because that is WAY WAY WAY TOOO much in a day…

Answer #2

There is no specific limit. If you enjoy the masturbation and the masturbation do not set aside other important activities, it is not excessive.

4 times a day is absolutely not excessive. 10 times may be excessive if you do not enjoy it well, if it sets aside other activities, if it interferes with your relationships and if you get sore from it.

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