How many people cant stand it when someone calls you ditzy?

My frenn called me ditzy and it made me relly mad so how many people cant stand it when someone calls you dizy

Answer #1

Ya its like their trying to insult you in a moderatly cute way so you dont get mad even though its still rude.

Answer #2

wow, im the complete opposite! I call MYSELF ditzy! I really dont mind when my friends call me ditzy, I know they mean it in an affectionate way. They know im not unintelligent, if I was, I would not be at uni doing a Bsc.

Answer #3

im ok wit it as long as its my really close friend..b/c I’ve grown up wit her and ill call myself that but anyone else I HATE it especially when their just as spacey as you are

Answer #4

yeah I addmitt im spacey but I just hate being callled ditzy

Answer #5

I cant stand it either but people call me ditzy ALL THE TIME!!!

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