How long does a baby have to stay in the hospital if born at 6 mth?

My doctor said I might have my baby early so im wondering how long the baby has to stay in the hospital if born at 6 months. Can the baby be healthy at 6 motnhs and be able to get sent home?

Answer #1

well one of my cousins was 3 months early and she spent a month in the hospital her lungs were not fully developed and she had underdeveloped tear glands so now she cant cry so… no most likely the baby will have to stay a while so that it can develope and most likely kids who are premature develope diseases or disfunctions when that occurs most doctors can not change it

Answer #2

No, unfortunately a baby cannot be healthy at 6 months and be sent home immediately. It will take a while. There’s no way to predict how long the baby will need to be taken care of. Preemie babies are very delicate and developmentally behind.

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