How many people are on the birth control shot?

do you prefer it over the pill, and what are the major side effects that you get while taking it?

Answer #1

yeah see thats what bothers me, but then again all of our bodies are different, we all have different side effects, how common is it to not be able to get pregnant after being on the shot? see I don’t think I could remember to take the pill every day at a curtain time!

Answer #2

and you were only on it for 2 years? yeah I know I have been doing my reseach I have an appt in two weeks to get the shot, but is it really worth it? I DO want kids in my future I’m only 19 I want a child in my early to mid 20’s.

Answer #3

I so not prefer it over the pill. It’s has too many side effects.

Here is a site that gives you some more information on the depo provera shot.

I would personally recommend the birth control pill. It’s not that difficult to remember to take it (I am very scatterbrained and trained myself by setting an alarm everyday to remember it, now I remember without the alarm.)

Answer #4

onestly I dont think its worth it!!! you are better off gaining the wait and being on the pill so that you know that you can have kids still cause the shot can mess up your system!!! thats why I switched doctors just to find out that I might not be able to concieve cause of my old doctors mistakes!!! I wont know for about a little less then a year though cause the shot will where off around my 21st b-day!!! the doctor did some testes and said that I might still not be able to though, cause both birthcontrols made me sick!!! I would just stick with protection and hope for the best!!! gl

Answer #5

dont mean to scare you or anything if I do but, just be careful I guess and keep update with the doctor!!! I was on the pill since like about 8-9 years old then moved to the shot, I have been off it for about 3 years now cause it made me sick and I gained about 75-100 lbs off it. I moved doctors and my hubby and I want to get prego, so I want to my doctor cause I should have already been prego and she said cause of the shot I might not be able to get prego so now the doctor said I have to go to the clinc to see if I can even concieve. if you can still concieve when you get off the shot to get prego if you ever want to then it will take about 4-6 years for the shot to clear the system!!!

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