How many credits?

How many credits do you need to graduate from john harris high school in harrisburg, pa?

Answer #1

I do not go to john harris high school…im only asking because a friend of mine goes there and plus I go to a different school…im not that dumb puting my information out like that…im not saying that your calling me dumb or anything im just saying just to help a friend out…thanks for the advice!!

Answer #2

Good. :) Glad you don’t go there (and I don’t know you- I don’t know what you would volunteer about yourself online). I was just concerned because my dad and his coworkers spent all weekend looking for a 14 year old girl who was abducted by a 38 year old man who found her middle school on her my$p@ce profile and decided that he wanted to ‘be with her’. Ick.

Hope the counselor can help your friend figure out his or her credit requirements. It’s good to keep up with those kind of visits at least once a year so that you can stay on top of everything. Sometimes they change things up and are too stupid to tell the students. Take care!

Answer #3

Now the whole world knows what you look like and where you go to school… Some homicidal maniac could be in their white panel van driving to Harrisburg right now looking for a pretty girl that goes to John Harris High School. It scares me that people post this kind of thing about themselves online.

To answer your question: I couldn’t find any information beyond the address of your school or a few a social site profiles. The easiest (and safest) thing to do is talk to your school counselors. They will be able to pull up YOUR records and tell you how many more, and of what type, you need.

Use your noggin’, chickie. ;) You’re too cute to be careless with personal information, lol. :)

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