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How long does it take you to get over a guy... even just a kiss?

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well back in the summer so yeah like half a year ago I got with a guy.. ok it was like my first time properly making out and he wasnt just any guy he's one of my oldest friends. our families are reallyyy close, like would have been to every birthday party we've ever had and have been on holidays together and stuff but we'd never really been that close until this year, because I always hung out with his sister and him with my brother.. you know like when we were kids and stuff. but then now I'm 15 and he's 16 and well throughout the year we'd been getting really close. then during the summer we went to scotland only his sister couldnt come and niether could my brother, only his wee brother.. but anyway we talked loads and ended up getting on really well. anyway long story short I thought I was starting to like him and him me and then on the last night we made out when our families went out. it was a good night but I was worried that I really liked him and still wasnt sure if he liked me or what would happen because are families were nearly too close that if something went wrong or watever.. you know? anyway the next morning it was reallyy awkward and horrible and I was so confused what had happened and if it meant anything :S then well slowly through the day we started to speak to eachother but even then it was only small things. then when we got home that night when I was in the car he texted me and was like I think we should leave last night as a one night thing.. and I got really upset because I just wanted something to happen even if it would be hard. he said it was a good night but that he didnt think it would work because of families and stuff. I know what he meant because part of me felt the same but it meant a lot being with him but I couldnt stand the awkwardness... anyway from then I tried to stay pretty close to him but he kept giving me really mixed signals one minute flirting like crazy.. the next acting like he wanted me to jump off a cliff. =/ anyway now I've had enough and I've been trying to get over him and just get back to normal. but I dont like anyone else and at night I just cant get him out of my head. well that night anyway.. I've deleted him off my phone. (still have his number though just didnt want to constantly see it) and deleted him from msn (not blocked incase he talks to me.. but im nearly ALWAYS the one who starts conversations) and I am getting there. but I feel so stupid and pathetic for not being able to get over that night properly after like half a year??
:( I still want to be close because we got on really well and because of families and stuff we have to still see eachother and I dont want them to think anything is wrong.. that would be awkward to explain.
please help what should I do?!

ps hes moved on.. he likes a girl who goes to his school but shes got a boyfriend, he told me.. and I told him I was over him too to make it less awkward but I dont completely mean it. am I just being an idiot for still thinking about him like everyday?!